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The OMnium Method is a revolutionary healing technique that allows the spontaneous alignment of the physical cells and the human energy field with the Universal-Source Frequency and provides an instant and permanent cellular reprogramming. This method essentially REPROGRAMS THE DNA, which then recalibrates your entire physical being to your original Universal-Source Frequency. There is scientifc evidence suggesting that the DNA can mutate when we incurr illnesses. The OMnium Method uses the principle of “mutable DNA” to restore your cells to proper and permanent functioning. The DNA reprogramming eradicates the root cause of the issue so you may return to health, wholeness, connection and proper alignment.
The OMnium Method begins with a powerful and precise meditation technique called Connecting to Source© that transfers Universal-Source Frequency organically into your being. This short and effective meditation is then followed by deep cellular reprogramming, which is accomplished through a combination of Energy-Transfer, Light, Sound and Divine Geometry, Grid and Universal Calibration, Zero Point, Gravity Pull, Time Suspension among other means. On average, the results range from a deep sense of peace, balance and the suspension of pain to total blissful expansion with the permanent removal of traumas, phobias, addictions and other imbalances or illnesses.
PRIVATE SESSIONS: include Energy Field Clearing; Reversal of Unconscious Blocks; Light / Sound / Geometry Therapy and Calibration; Remote Healing; Spiritual Coaching; Mind / Belief System Reprogramming; Body Scanning; Trauma Reversal / Release; Phobia & Addiction Release; Energetic Surgery; Pets / Animals Energy Healing and Emotional Balancing; All techniques used are those of the OMnium Method and are performed without the use of instruments, electronics, software or other tools.
PURPOSE: Reestablich the proper functioning of your cells and DNA; Raise your vibration and reprogram your cells with the proper vibrations; Achieve and maintain brain and heart coherence; Discover the root cause for allergies, phobias and addictions; Reestablish the link with Source; Awaken and activate your divine blueprint; Learn to align your physical cells properly and maintain mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic balance.
PROCESS: * When registering for a private session, please indicate the time of day / evening that you prefer, the time zone you live in and the telephone number where you can be reached. * All sessions must be paid for at least 24 hours in advance. We cannot guarantee your session if not paid for in advance. * When selecting a time, please use the following guidelines as much as possible:
Use a land line phone, not your cellular phone.
Use a headset or speaker phone to free your hands if possible.
Keep away from TV / computer monitors and other electronics.
Make sure you have total privacy and allow at least 20mn before you engage in another activity.
Have a tape recorder or pen/paper handy to write down important information.
Have drinking water available.
Be open and allowing!
If you need any further information, please contact us per email :

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